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iWallet Secure

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Are you like me and you’ve lost your phone?  In 2013 1.4 million were lost and  3.1 million were stolen! And if you are like me, you don’t always keep your phone locked.  It’s a hassle to enter a PIN every  two minutes. At least until your phone gets bagged, then the wishes flow…“If only I hadn’t lost my phone I could buy a cup of java, and not worry about my bank account info being used to steal my money.”

Now there is a simple solution. Let the world’s most secure wallet protect your phone.  Most of us carry a wallet, and over the years have learned not to leave home without it. It mostly stays safely tucked into our pocket , while we are chatting with friends, watching YouTube and playing games on the phone. Much easier to get sidetracked and set down your phone without even thinking. Now, let iWallet Secure  protect your phone and the valuable financial information it carries. Here’s how it works. If you set your phone down and start to walk away, your iWallet in your pocket first vibrates to warn you then screams to alarm you if you get too far away without  the phone. It works the other way too!  The iWallet Secure app on your phone tracks your iWallet and if they get too far apart, it also sets an alarm to warn you.


But iWallet Secure is only getting started with protecting your financial stuff. It’s cool to whip out the phone at the java shop to pay the bill, until it’s buying someone else’s drink. If someone else tries to use your phone  to make a small purchase without your iWallet  close by, the transaction is stopped in its tracks by the iWallet Secure app. If your phone is close by, your iWallet vibrates letting you know a purchase is being made.  All is well.  If your iWallet is out of range, you  are requested to enter your override code or your phone will not authorize the purchase. Say you’re at the goodie store and ready to buy that toy you’ve been wanting.  It’s more that a few bucks and you’ve requested that the iWallet Secure app verify any purchase this large. You pull out your iWallet and swipe your finger to verify  your identity and pass the iWallet near the POS terminal or you can use the phone. The iWallet is NFC payment device and can be used instead of your phone to make purchases.

iWallet SecureSome phones also have fingerprint readers to possibly help protect your data…we’ll get to that later. With iWallet Secure your fingerprint is secured immediately, in the iWallet, at the fingerprint sensor. Nothing stays around or is transmitted that can be used to fool the phone that you entered your fingerprint. This is important, since if your fingerprint gets hacked, it’s tough to get a new one.  The iWallet uses your fingerprint to make a one use pass code which is sent to the iWallet Secure app to allow the phone to make the purchase.

You say, well I can do all that with my phone and its built in fingerprint reader.  What happens when your new ,expensive fingerprint phone gets  set down and left behind, or taken from your pocket. The fingerprint sensor helps protect the data , but hackers have shown that the fingerprint sensors in  these phones can be hacked. It takes time, back at at the hacker’s hideout, but it is very doable. With iWallet Secure, they need to get your phone and your wallet, a far more difficult task than nabbing your phone alone.

If you lose your phone, no need to panic.  You can setup your new phone with the iWallet Secure app and pair it with your iWallet.   Good to go. No possibility of someone hacking your old phone to get to your accounts. What happens if you drop your iWallet and don’t hear the alert from the phone that the wallet is missing?  Your iWallet will try to connect with nearby devices to “call home” to let you know where it is. If it is gone forever, when you replace your iWallet, the iWallet Secure app will authenticate you and  restore your passwords and account information through its cloud server. The information in your lost wallet will also be secure since it is kept in a Hardware Security Module (HSM), out of the reach of hackers.

iWallet SecureHave you ever been out and about when your phone died because you forgot to charge it or it was out of cell range? That’s when you fall back on your old reliable wallet to buy your new friend a drink.  The iWallet does one better, in that if someone grabs your iWallet they can’t get to the cards or dollars it holds. It also keeps prying eyes from taking a gander at the stuff you keep in it when you’re not looking.
Security and protecting your identity is done best when multiple forms of authentication are used, not just a phone. With iWallet Secure, your iWallet can protect your money, cards, licenses and maybe even your passport. It also protects your phone from being tricked into making purchases on your behalf  by hackers. My favorite use for  iWallet Secure is keeping my passwords safe and secure. I’ve had email accounts with 12 character passwords hijacked by spammers and have no idea how they hacked  them, yet they did.  I have tried to use the suggested strong passwords generated for me by my computer, but #(JK1846SDP{Txxs  is beyond my brain to remember, and I have 10 accounts that need protection! The iWallet  encrypts and stores my passwords in its hardware security module, essentially  a smart card chip. An  iWallet fingerprint generated key is what decrypts  the passwords in the iWallet Key  Keeper App for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Using the iWallet Bluetooth or Wi-Fi link to your PC or phone, your passwords are securely sent from your iWallet  to your computer when you walk up to it. You can login automatically without needing to enter your credentials. If you have some stuff you don’t want to share, you can ask the  iWallet Key  Keeper  to vibrate your iWallet to request a fingerprint verification prior to allowing access to your computer.

Once online at a shopping basket check out, the iWallet Secure app prevents the transaction (if over the limit you set) until your iWallet verifies you are the one making the purchase with a swipe of the finger.

iWallet SecureI always worry when logging on to any of  my online bank accounts to  pay bills. Did I get a Trojan that’s going to take over my account or initiate a man-in-the-middle attack?  I tested a key logger once while developing online financial security systems.  I wanted to make sure they were  protected from key  logger root kits. After running  the install and looking for tells that it was running, I  decided the hacker-ware I purchased was broken. Toward the end of the day, I decided to run the uninstall that came with the hacker-ware  and it asked where it should email the passwords  and credit card numbers it had gathered! It had more of my personal information that I realized could even be on the computer!  From this experience and others who have lost their valuable data, I have come to realize that  computers with the ability to run
lots of cool applications, by their very nature, are terrible at being secure. The solution is to keep the important stuff…passwords, bank account information, your personal information like  social security number…in a secure place outside your computer. The iWallet is a great vault for the keys that unlock your kingdom. The iWallet does not run email applications or internet browsers which are targets of  most hacks. The iWallet code runs  on a secure microprocessor that does only one thing, keep your stuff safe, be it your money, your credit cards or your passwords
Since you  keep a wallet for your license,  credit cards and money, why not keep them in an iWallet to protect the wallets contents, your financial information and your phones contents secure at the same time.