iWallet and iPassport Mentioned in USA Today Weekend Edition March 14 – 16 2014

iWallet Mentioned in USA Today Weekend Edition March 14 - 16 2014

iWallet Mentioned in USA Today Weekend Edition March 14 – 16 2014


Innovative new travel gear debuts at 2014 expo

The makers of iWallet, a wallet equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader that restricts access to anyone but the owner, announced its iPassport case ($549), using similar technology, will go on sale Aug. 1. So if your passport is one of the 300,000 that annually go missing in the USA alone, this device will prevent anyone else from using it.


iWallet Featured on FoxNews.com:

iWallet Featured on Fox News

iWallet Featured on Fox News

From wheelies to gadgets: Latest luggage innovations to make travel a snap.

Keep important document safe on the road. iWallet released a new line of lightweight aluminum wallets and passport cases that can be opened only with the swipe of your thumbprint. The cases also have GPS capabilities and protect your credit cards from being hacked while in your pocket.

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iWallet Product Spotlight on AZCentral.com:

Latest trends at the International Travel Goods Show

Fueling the desire of every James Bond fan or spy aficionado, the iWallet ($350 to $550 suggested retail price) has taken recent trends in travel protection and added a dash of science fiction. Built from either carbon fiber or aluminum, the iWallet offers its customers a fingerprint security lock that can only be opened by the user, a radio-frequency-identification blocker (also known as an RFID shield) that prevents ID theft and a Bluetooth tethering system that works in conjunction with a user’s smartphone to alert the owner whenever the iWallet is farther than 15 feet from the phone.

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